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Please note that some images on our website are graphic and may offend some people.
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Please note that some of the content on our website may be disturbing to some, we feel that there is a need to be open, honest and to show, the reality of things happening on the ground. So little is being covered by the media, and in general most people do not fully understand the situation.

MERMT team members are motivated to go where no other NGOs dare to prevent such tragedies.


There is an urgent need, for donations to support medical aid relief: You can help make a dire situation a little better. CLICK HERE to learn more

Hello, and welcome to the MERMT (Multinational Emergency Response Medical Team) website. Take a look around and learn more about us, what our goals are, have we have done, and what we are doing now.

MERMT is like no other NGO, we are focused on the tasks at hand, highly motivated, and are very results driven. We feel there is always a solution to any given situation, you have to be creative, and able to adapt in fluid situations.

We do not over think or over plan things, or create unobtainable goals. We create projects with goals we can reach in a shorter period of time, that has an immediate impact.




January 2017, MERMT is setting up a clinic in Mosul, Iraq.

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Find out, who we are, and what we are doing to make, to make the world a better place.

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