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IFAKs for Kurdistan

Project: Kurdistan Individual First Aid Kits (IFAKs)


This project is to assemble 300 Individual First Aid Kits (IFAKs), transport them to Kurdistan, train locals in their use and distribute them. This project is ongoing with a projected 300 IFAKs in hands quarterly.


The Multinational Emergency Response Medical Team – (MERMT) is working in conjunction with Rojava Combat Medics a unit comprised of Foreign Volunteers in Rojava Northern Syria.


IFAKs contain a tourniquet, pressure bandage, chest seals, compress gauze, nitrate gloves, quick cloth/Celox/heamostatic agent and sterile wound dressings. IFAKs are utilized to quickly stabilize bleeding and chest trauma in civilian and combatant casualties in preparation for extraction to more definitive medical care.


Rojava is part of Kurdistan in the Northern Region of Syria. ISIS invaded the region in 2013 killing thousands of innocent people and controlling areas with brutal and violent dictatorship. Rojava since formed The People’s Protection Units (YPG) to defend themselves from further violence and take back areas from ISIS control. Being a recently formed Militia with few resources and an embargo YPG has very limited equipment and supplies. A major concern is a lack of medical supplies and trained professionals, leading to excessive and preventable casualties.


MERMT is continuing the mission that Rojava Combat Medics created in 2016 which proved to be highly successful in training and equipping 200 YPG personnel with IFAKs which were utilized at Manbij.


150 IFAKs have been assembled from fundraising and donations and will be transported to Kurdistan in November 2016. Once in Kurdistan the medical volunteers will train locals on their use and distribute them. 200 IFAKs will be brought in and trained with a team February 2017. Plans are to carry on with this project at 300 IFAKs every three months.


MERMT is able to assemble and transport  IFAKs at a discounted rate of $50 each. $8,000 is needed to be raised for 150 more IFAKs and transportation costs. Medically trained professionals have donated their time to train locals in their use.

Over 90% of donated funds goes to purchasing IFAKs at a discounted rate with costs for transportation and training being donated by the volunteers doing the distribution.

Project Kurdistan

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