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Equipment and Supplies


We are looking for donations of Medical supplies, and equipment, to help ease some of the suffering on the planets most vulnerable people.

  • Individual First Aid Kits (IFAKs)
  • Pressure Bandages
  • Sterile Pad Dressings
  • Burn Dressings
  • Hemostatic Gauze ie QuikClot Combat Gauze
  • Chest Seals
  • Nitrate Gloves
  • Medical Tape
  • Trauma Shears
  • Rescue Litter
  • Cat Tourniquets
  • Chest Decompression Needles
  • IV Giving Sets
  • Nasopharyngeal Airway
  • Compressed Gauze
  • SAM Splints


If you or someone you know can donate supplies or equipment please CONTACT US.