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Opening a Clinic in Mosul



MERMT is deploying a team in January 2017 to Mosul, Iraq.  We will be setting up a Clinic close to the front lines. We will stabilize and treat the wounded, then hand them off to local ambulances for transport to the Hospital.  There will be additional Team member being deployed in February 2017.

Speaking with colloquies in the area, the numbers of wounded is staggering. So many people are being ripped apart, the amount of innocent children wounded is nothing more than shocking.   We could no longer sit idle and watch this continue, while we have the skills, and the people that are willing to go where very few dare. Our goal is help as many people as possible, as soon as we can.

The time for action is now.

More details will follow, as this is a new development.

We understand times are tough and the holidays are around the corner. We are doing our part, in trying to make this world a better and safer place. All we ask if for everyone to do the same in some way. One way to have a direct impact is to help us, make it possible for us to carry on and keep the clinic open for as long as it is needed.  We all have the power to help save lives, and to make a difference.


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