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Alex Moreau


Alex is a former Canadian Armed Forces member. In 2016 he joined The Kurdish Militia, YPG in Norther Syria to fight ISIS. During his time there he saw the need for medical training and supplies since too many people were dying from treatable combat injuries. A foreign team of combat medics was formed (TMU) in Northern Syria which he joined as part of the security element. Seeing first hand the overwhelming success of training and equipping personnel with Individual First Aid Kits (IFAKs) and Combat Medics saving lives Alex strives to continue this mission. Upon returning to Canada Alex became a founding member of MERMT to carry on the mission of saving lives.

Chris Shaw


Chris is former Canadian Forces member, serving as an officer in various Reserve units for 19 years. He also trained as an infantry combat medic in prior service. Chris is currently a professor in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of British Columbia.

Victor Zersikov aka Sieg.


Victor was born in the former USSR where he was military and law enforcement. He has extensive training with close protection, remote medical care in Africa and hostile environment operator training in The Middle East. Victor is also a licensed gun smith and most recently volunteered with The Assyrian Militia in Iraq.


TJ is a founding member has Military and Medical experience, and training.

Ryan Walker

Ryan Walker lives in Atlanta, Georgia USA. He is a registered advanced life support paramedic within a busy metropolitan area. With many years of training and experience he is able to treat a variety of medical emergencies. He is committed to volunteering and treating those in need who would otherwise go without.