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MERMT primary mission is to bridge the gap between the front lines of conflict and medical care. With teams medically trained veterans willing to provide combat casualty care on the front lines of conflicts. Daring to go where no other organization will, MERMT can treat casualties in the precious first few minutes of injury to save lives.


MERMT make sure their activities link up with other people’s efforts, as well as being high quality on their own. The linking up is as important as the NGO’s own activities. It involves different people and approaches in every context.

As a first priority, MERMT  collaborates with the people it works directly with and adds value to. MERMT trains and equips local personnel for Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC).


Through supporting local people and organizations they are able to gain more control over their lives. MERMT avoids undermining their autonomy, for instance by telling people what to do. MERMT contributes most when they are demand-led, responding to what people want, rather than supply-led.

A demand-led approach can also make changes more sustainable, so they last after a MERMT  project finishes. People make their own decisions about what they value.

We contribute to a change in the people’s mindset. While many thought its impossible to survive certain injuries, we now show how you can. Having training and medics close by during conflicts, increases morale and confidence of personnel.


Local contexts change continually, for instance as politics and economic opportunities change and people interact in different ways. MERMT always includes different social groups, some of whom win and some lose from any set of activities.

We need to respond to people’s priorities as they develop, rather than just complete pre-planned activities.