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MERMT team members are motivated to go where no other NGOs dare to prevent such tragedies.

MERMT is made up of volunteers, many with military, and or medical training. We saw the need to help people that can not help themselves, we have tried to help on our own in many ways. But we felt that there were better ways to do things, and  to also make more of an immediate impact, to those who are suffering.

Our members have extensive contacts, experience, and established relationships in many of the world conflict zones. We are able to get results much faster. Most people do not fully understand the complexity of these areas, its culture, traditions, and how things are done. Things are very fluid, and can change without any notice. Our unique skill set enables us to adapt and overcome.

With our existing network of contacts in the area it is much easier for us to show results. We have contacts in hospital, NGO’s, Military, civilian, and government agencies. We have the motivated and experienced people ready and waiting to make the world a little better each day.

We are working on building networks in other areas of the globe that would benefit from  our unique skillset. If you think we could be of help to people and you have contacts that could facilitate things we welcome you to CONTACT US